Bruce Potter is a self taught luthier who has been building guitars since 1997.

His initial interest in guitar building began after falling in love with his 1995 Lowden O32. Since that time he endeavored to reverse engineer what made guitars like Lowdens and Martins so tonally unique. It took him one year to complete his first guitar and for each of the the next 20 guitars, an elaborate and comprehensive experiment began, refining his design with bracing modifications, thicknesses of parts, and wood combinations.


Bruce used this knowledge, combined with his years teaching students and a long journey as a guitar repairman, to develop his own jigs, techniques, bracing pattern and an "intuitional bias" for producing the sound and quality of tone he heard in exceptional guitars like his Lowden O32. 


For 33 years Bruce taught Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Ag Science and Fine Woodworking in a small, rural high school in Mendocino Co.  Part of his time as a teacher allowed him to create a class teaching students to build guitars from scratch from their own designs.  For over 20 years, students built well over 50 unique acoustic and electric instruments of all types and sizes ( This experience, building so many different styles and sizes of guitars, using different woods and experimenting with different design features, provided invaluable insight into the factors that shape the sound, and separate good guitars from exceptional guitars.