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The goal at Potter Guitars is to design instruments that are constructed to last for generations and have: 1) lasting sustain, 2) a sensitivity to a light touch, 3) a rich, focused bass and soaring, bell-like trebles.

Built one at a time, the uniquely, small shop specializes in fingerstyle steel string guitars, repairs, and custom luthiery, with an annual production of less than 10 guitars. 

Each guitar is treated individually, and built to be as responsive as possible.  Careful attention is paid to the selection of wood for soundboards, hand splitting of brace wood, and final tuning of the top and back.  

Potter Guitars is located in Willits, CA approximately 2.5 hours north of San Francisco in Mendocino County.

Guitars are available at Potter Guitars Willits, CA; Schoenberg Guitars Tiburon, CA and Mighty Fine Guitars Lafayette, CA

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